bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services Require The Right Type of Bookkeeper

bookkeeping services

Many business owners are unsure about the exact nature of bookkeeping. Good bookkeeping services are often at the heart of a small business, accurately tracking financial information and creating reports. Bookkeepers may also handle payable and receivable financial transactions. They provide accurate financial data that allows owners and their accountants to perform analysis and strategic planning for a company. Bookkeepers see and record all day-to-day transactions. Their most critical attribute should be accuracy to avoid legal and tax troubles for the business. 

Bookkeeping Services - Qualifications to Look For

Regardless of whether you hire a bookkeeper for your office, an outsourcing company, or a virtual bookkeeper, there are important attributes you want to be sure of before hiring.

  • Professional – It’s not a good idea to hire just anyone with office skills and try to teach or tell them what to do. Bookkeeping skills are specific. A professional bookkeeper will know how to use special software and the processes that create accurate reporting of financial transactions.
  • Honest – A dishonest bookkeeper can do a great deal of damage to a business’s finances by adversely affecting their data, decision-making, and legal status with the IRS. In addition, hiring someone you don’t know or who isn’t connected with a reputable company can expose your business to trouble down the road. 
  • Types of services offered – Find out what specific bookkeeping services an individual or service can supply. For example, not all bookkeepers will do your accounts payable or receivable, and many don’t know how to operate your necessary financial software.
  • Outsourcing – It’s becoming more common for small businesses to choose to outsource bookkeeping services because they avoid the additional expense and trouble of buying additional software, training a new staff person, or having to pay more staff benefits. They can save money and time by hiring an outside bookkeeping service.


Finding the right bookkeeper for your business can mean all the difference in your company making good decisions and meeting its financial goals. Working Numbers can make sure that you get the right one and avoid future troubles. Contact us to talk about your immediate or future bookkeeping service needs today.