How working NUmbers can help your business…

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With our Total 2022

Quickbooks Online Cleanup Service for Trade Contractors

offer, you can have completely clean books* for 2022, accurate numbers in your accounts receivable (what your customers owe you) and accounts payable (what you owe to your vendors), and an analysis of your expenses and purchases by type and payee.

You’re guaranteed to make better business decisions when you have accurate financial reports, and you’ll have a clean set of numbers to help you manage your books going forward. You’ll also save money, because clean numbers will let your CPA file your taxes quickly.

Get Your Books Completely Cleaned for $999

Project Start To Finish: 7-14 days

*See our Project Scope for details


What’s The Project Scope?

  • We must have discreet access to QuickBooks file 24/7 during project
  • You must provide all requested documents before we begin work
  • Data entry for details of missing transactions will be created by you
  • We will delete any duplicate transactions and provide an accompanying report. It will be your job to reconstruct any relevant information from those deleted transactions if they need it
  • We will use bank and credit card statements to reconcile accounts, you are responsible for entering/reconciling cash-based transactions
  • No training or user support is included during the clean-up project
  • We will close the periods as we complete each one, and you will not be able to modify those transactions once completed
  • Price based on 2022 transactions only (up to 2,400 total). If you have more than 2,400 we can create a custom package for you, Just book a call!