How working NUmbers can help your business…

(It’s OK to still have a few questions. We can answer them for you!)

Tools That Give Your Business An Edge

quickbooks® online

Now you can easily track expenses, invoice customers, track time and always know what’s happening, even when you’re on the job site!

Document And Receipt Management

Mobile management of all of your important paperwork. Just snap a picture of your receipts (or even bank statements or bills) to add them securely to your cloud account.

Systems that grow with you

Better systems and faster insights set you up for more growth, from how much profit you’re making to the types of projects that actually make you money.

How Does This All Work?

Throughout the month, your bank account activity is downloaded to QuickBooks Online so that it can be recorded and reconciled. If you need to buy something in the field, just snap a picture on the QBO app and upload it. In the meantime, your online document management will be retrieving your bank statements, bills and other statements which means you won’t be receiving multiple requests for documents from us.

What About Tax Time Help?

Come tax time, your books will be neat and clean, and all documentation stored and easily accessible. This helps you avoid problems with the IRS or filing amended returns because the books were not accurate. If your CPA has questions or needs to make any year end adjustments to your books, we will communicate directly with your CPA to get those adjustments in the books. No stress! After tax time we can help you implement a plan to get a jump on next year’s taxes.

Why Three Financial Statments A Month? (Isn’t My P&L Enough?)

The P&L (Income Statement) is important because it tells you the profitability of your business. In addition, having a Balance Sheet prepared shows you what you own, what you owe, and how much equity you have in your business.  The Statement of Cash Flows tells you where the money went. All three reports together provide the most accurate picture of your business so that you can always be in control.

Why Choose Working Numbers?

Choose us because we chose you first. We love the professionals that work in your industry, full of hardworking and talented folks. We want to see them use their skills to grow great businesses! In addition, we adhere to the AIPB Code of Ethics in all areas of our business. If your company operates in the US, we are here to help with bookkeeping, planning, and increasing profit!

IN addition to our 3 main plans, We can also do…

  • Clean Up Your Books
  • Payroll Management
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Customized Financial Reports
  • Quickbooks Online Set-up
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Operations and Profit Advisory Services

We’re in business to make a difference in your business.
We’re also committed to giving back, which is why a percentage of our revenue every month goes to the G1VE, and is distributed to accredited non-profits.
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Sharon Davidson, CB

CEO and Founder of Working Numbers