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How to Use QuickBooks Online Receipt Capture

As the new year unfolds, tax season begins. If you’re staring at a shoebox full of receipts, a slightly more organized file-folder system or hundreds of photos on your phone, you are probably wondering if there’s a better way. You’re needed on-site with a busy construction company, not stuck behind a desk trying to sort and categorize your transactions manually. With QuickBooks Online Receipt Capture, you can store your receipts digitally, saving potentially hundreds of hours of labor with its snap, categorize and match system.

How Receipt Capture Works

QuickBooks Online Receipt Capture is intuitive to use and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Once you put a receipt into the system, QuickBooks automatically pulls out the relevant information and matches the receipt to the transaction it belongs to. If it can’t tell where it belongs, it’s easy to make a new transaction—ensuring your books are up to date and ready for tax time. In addition, using the mobile app means you can keep current as you go; no shoebox required.

It’s easy to snap the receipt into the system. First, open the app and select “receipt snap.” Next, choose “receipt camera” and take a photo of the receipt. Finally, if you’re happy with the snap, press “use this photo,” and you’re finished!

Besides the scan feature of the mobile app, you can also forward receipts by email, upload or drag and drop. Once there, you can edit the receipt/bill, match it to a specific transaction or add it to a specific account. QuickBooks Online Receipt Capture works with online browsers, iOS and Android, and accepts PDF, JPEG, JPG, GIF and PNG images to make it even easier.

A Partner in Bookkeeping

Using QuickBooks Online Receipt Capture does more than just keep you mobile. The QuickBooks Online platform can be coordinated with your accounting firm, so you have even fewer worries about keeping track of your finances. Your bookkeeper can fill in the missing information, create new transactions and generate reports so you can see your business performance at a glance. 

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