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Your Construction Business: How To Hire the Best Employees

Finding the top talent for your construction business is about more than just a basic skill set. This perspective may seem strange with skilled workers in short supply as many employers are looking to snap up the first skilled recruit they can find. To find and keep the best employees, you’ll want to be more active in your recruitment and compensation packages. You’ll also want to rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals from your own employees and check the applicant’s other references.

Attracting Talent to Your Construction Business

There are few things more frustrating than hiring someone who turns out to have subpar skills or a poor attitude. Even worse is investing the time to train new hires and then losing them to the competition. If this is happening to you, it may be time to review how you hire to make sure you attract the right applicants. For example, you can try some of the following:

  • Establish a good company culture

Generating positive word-of-mouth about how your company is the best place to work will increase your applicant pool, and with that comes a better selection to pick from.

  • Offer room for growth

If you can’t offer direct career paths because your construction business is small, offer career growth. Show prospective and current employees different career goals, certifications and cross-training. In exchange for their personal development, you can offer financial incentives, bonuses and mentoring.

  • Correct your compensation packages

Many construction businesses still work from old models of compensation. To get the best applicants at your door, you’ll want to offer highly competitive wages, signing bonuses payable after certain periods and benefits packages. Often, better benefits can compensate for shortcomings in wages and growth opportunities.

  • Try New Recruitment Methods

Traditional and electronic job boards can work, but you may want to consider actively recruiting. Keep up-to-date job descriptions, compensation packages and a list of skills your company may need.

Other ways of recruiting are:

  • Listen to your employees

If your trusted employees have information about a potential hire, don’t let it sit on your desk. Of course, you should always do a proper interview and check references, but in a fast-moving industry, your employees may know who is looking for work before you do.

  • Actively recruit graduating students

By offering apprenticeships, you’ll be building loyalty right out of the gate. Good apprenticeships are hard to find, so pair your best with the strongest graduates and set yourself up for success.

Keeping the most skilled and reliable workers saves money in the long run by minimizing turnover costs. In addition, Working Numbers can help keep all your costs in check with specialized bookkeeping for your construction business. Contact us today.

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