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5 Reasons You Need Construction Bookkeepers with Industry Experience

Construction bookkeepers do much of what bookkeepers do for other types of companies. For example, they keep track of the companies’ finances, including expense costs and payments received. It’s very important to keep accurate records since these reports and records created by bookkeepers are the basis on which company leaders project short and long-term goals and company vision.

The Benefits of Having Experienced Construction Bookkeepers

Not only do construction bookkeepers do all the normal financial tasks in most business offices, but they do specific record-keeping and tracking for jobs specific to the construction industry. Here are 5 reasons that using a construction bookkeeper with specific industry-related experience can benefit your company:

  1. Various staff interactions – Construction bookkeepers easily work with general contractors and project managers.
  2. Specific reports – Rather than simply creating profit/loss reports, they work with task cost, full project budgets, and forecasting.
  3. Software – Like bookkeeping company duties in other industries, construction bookkeepers use accounting software. The difference is that construction bookkeeping requires learning workarounds for industry-related payroll and contract retention peculiarities, something learned with experience. 
  4. Starting with a construction bookkeeper who is already familiar with your industry speeds up the process of them becoming familiar with your company’s individual needs and processes. 
  5. Without the necessary familiarity and experience in construction, your bookkeeper will deal with a steep learning curve while figuring out how to handle multi-faceted projects, often more than just a few at a time. 


Working Numbers knows that your construction company needs good construction bookkeepers with industry experience to get your business to the next level. Our bookkeeping service provides whatever services your company needs with personnel who possess the appropriate industrial technical knowledge and experience. Call us today to see what services we might provide for your construction business.