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4 Best Construction Apps

Which construction apps are right for you? Managing the complex needs of the construction industry while on the go can be difficult. You need solutions for timekeeping, record-keeping, scheduling, reporting and keeping track of subcontractors. The requirement for integrated solutions is obvious, but it is not always easy to find. Using a construction app to manage projects can save you time and money. But, with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which one you should use? Here are four construction apps for you to consider depending on the complexity of your needs.

4 Construction Apps for Easier Project Management

Construction apps can be free, limited-use products perfect for performing one or two basic functions. However, you can also choose from a range of complex, multi-functional team-based apps that merge most functions under one umbrella. What you choose will depend on the scope of your projects, how many projects you have on the go and the size of your budget.

  1. Fieldwire. This is an all-encompassing construction app for teams and projects of any size. Using real-time updates, it excels at task progress, planning, scheduling, reporting and timekeeping. There is a free plan for fewer than five users, but this construction app really shines with its customized paid plans.
  2. Joist. Great for independent contractors, it has a starter-level with free estimates, invoices and payments. The paid pro plans offer the greatest time savings, with the addition of templates, custom contracts and reporting features.
  3. ExacTime. This construction app is great for those needing digital punch clocks. It contains built-in features like GPS tracking and biometric logins, so you know your employees are clocking in at the site and that nobody is clocking in for them. Although there is no free version, multiple other features make this app a real money saver.
  4. Punch List. Professional audits for safety inspections, insurance claims, and site walks are now a breeze. Quickly capture defects and damage, convert to PDF reports and attach notes and photos. You can download the app for free for iPhone, but it requires in-app purchases. A free alternative is the five-user Fieldwire app.

Manage Time and Reduce Expenses

From project managers to independent contractors, there is a construction app designed to meet your needs. Even modest paid plans pay for themselves in the cost-savings you’ll achieve with accurate time records, estimates, invoicing and other paperwork.

Working Numbers understands fieldwork, and we can help you find more cost-savings. Contact us today for solutions to your construction industry record-keeping needs.

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